Edgemont City Airport

Located 1 mile southwest of downtown Edgemont, Edgemont City Airport has one asphalt runway and one grass runway. Tiedowns are near the road to airport. Please note: The asphalt runway is scheduled for summer 2011 repaving - check the South Dakota Office of Aeronautics for more information.

Airport Information in Adobe Acrobat PDF form

1 Asphalt 3900 ft. Lights
1 Grass 2015 ft.

Airframe: none
Oxygen: none
Power plant: none
Fuel: none
Transient Storage: Tiedown
Transportation: none

Manager: Randy Hedge
Airport Phone: 605-662-7422
After hours phone: 605-440-0650; 605-440-0856
Website: www.cityofedgemont.com

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